New Krazy Lines Gold

Cockroach Repellent Chalk

Midas Hygiene Industries now introduces “New Krazy Lines Gold“ a new pack with an attractive look. In this the chalk is fixed on the push up screw device, which is enclosed in a HPDE container more or less in the line with the concept of lipstick pack.

It is easier and safer to handle if the usage instructions are followed as there need not be any physical contact with the chalk.

The product performance description is also discrete as it clearly claims the eradication of both the big American cockroaches and the small German cockroaches, rather than making a general vague statement “It kills cockroaches“.


Remove the cap, rotate screw clockwise at the base to push a portion of the chalk out and draw lines in the usual manner.


Carton Quantity
  • 576 pcs
  • 19 x 18 x 18
Gross Weight
  • 32.500 Kg


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    New Krazy Lines Gold
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