Krazy Ratmaar

Rat Killer Poison

Krazy Ratmaar : Bait base on grains impregnated with a rodenticide has been the most preferred, safe method invented so far. It is easy to use and on consumption of the same by rats they often die outside the premises.

When the Krazy Ratmaar bait comprises of different food grains the chances of luring the rats to eat them improves tremendously. Base on this phenomenon the Midas Hygienes’ R&D team formulated a formulation comprising three different food grains. i.e. Wheat, Maize and Rice impregnated with a rodenticide.


Cut 50 gm of Krazy Ratmaar bait based cake into 4 pieces and 100 gm into 8 pieces. Place individual cake pieces at an approx distance of 10-15 feet in the places usually visited by rats. Monitor the placement site regularly and replenish cake pieces when found missing.


  • Ratmaar 25gms
  • Ratmaar 50gms
  • Ratmaar 100gms
Carton Quantity
  • 540 pcs
  • 400 pcs
  • 200 pcs
  • 21 x 12 x 9
  • 17 x 9 x 18
  • 20 x 9 x 15
Gross Weight
  • 18.100kg
  • 24.100kg
  • 23.800kg


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