LaxmanRekhaa Spray 125ml Multi Insect Killer


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MRP: 75/-  (Inclusive of all taxes) Introducing Laxman Rekhaa Multi Insect Spray – Your Ultimate Solution to a Pest-Free Home! Laxman Rekhaa, a trusted name in cockroach killer pest products for home use, has expanded its range with the launch of the all-new Laxman Rekhaa Spray 125ml. Priced at just Rs 75, this compact yet powerful spray is your go-to weapon against a multiple crawling and flying insects. Building on the success of the existing 300ML and 200ML variants, the 125ML size offers a more convenient and affordable option for effective pest control.

Unveiling the Power of Laxman Rekhaa Multi Insect Spray:

While The Original Laxmanrekhaa has already established itself as India’s first and most popular insecticide chalk, the Laxman Rekhaa Multi Insects Spray takes pest control to the next level. The Propoxur formulation used in this spray ensures the same high efficacy in a more convenient liquid form. In addition to its chemical products, Laxman Rekhaa understands the importance of pet safety at Indian homes. This commitment to holistic well-being led to the innovation of a Laxmanrekhaa herbal spray. Now, consumers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with protecting their homes without any stress about the potential impact on their beloved pets.

Key Features of Laxman Rekhaa Spray 125ml:

1. Multi Insect Killer: Designed to combat various crawling and flying insects i.e cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, lizards, Laxman Rekhaa Spray 125ml is a versatile solution for your pest woes.

2. Propoxur Formulation: The powerful Propoxur formulation guarantees instant and effective elimination of all types of crawling insects upon contact.

3. Convenient Size: The newly introduced 125ml size offers a perfect balance of effectiveness and affordability, making it an ideal choice for households.

Instructions for Easy and Safe Use:

Using Laxman Rekhaa Spray 125ml is a breeze, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users. Follow these simple instructions to make the most of this multi insect killer:

1. Shake Well: Before using, give the spray can a good shake to ensure uniform mixing of the formulation.

2. Spray Directly: Point the nozzle towards the target area and spray directly on the surfaces where crawling insects are present.

3. Target Common Hideouts: Concentrate on common hideouts such as corners, cracks, crevices, and other areas where insects are likely to dwell.

4. Repeat as Needed: For optimal results, repeat the application as necessary, especially in high-infestation areas.  

Why Choose Laxman Rekhaa Spray 125ml?

Laxman Rekhaa Multi Insects Spray has a proven track record as a pioneer in pest control solutions. The 125ml variant continues this legacy by offering a powerful and convenient multi insect killer in an easy-to-use spray form. Whether you're dealing with cockroaches or various crawling insects, this spray is your reliable partner in maintaining a pest-free home. Don't compromise on the safety and well-being of your family. Trust Laxman Rekhaa Spray 125ml to keep your living spaces free from unwanted intruders. Bid farewell to crawling insects with this effective and budget-friendly solution. 


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