Insecticides & Insect Repellent Sprays and Chalks

Midas Hygiene Ind (P) Limited, would like to introduce ourself as one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of Insecticides & Insect Repellent Sprays and Chalks. We are dealing with a range of products catering to the requirement of a housewife with regard to the pest problems faced in a household.

The disease causing insects, the creepy and crawling insects like house flies, cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes, bed bugs, ants etc is generally not a welcome site in the house. The initial remedies e.g. Nicotine (Tobacco), Pyrethrum oil (Pyrethrum Flowers), Tulsi (Ocimum), Custard apple (Annona), Neem (Azadirachta) oils to curb this menace of the undesired pests came from the plant kingdom is well known.

Insecticides for Home Use

Our Research and Development (R&D) Team has always focused and been successful on many occasions for developing cheaper, easier and safer to use insecticide to keep this unwanted visitor out of home premises.

Midas Hygiene, in its inception introduces Khatnil, an herbal liquid, which drives away majority of household insects viz bed bugs, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, houseflies etc.

Multi Insect Repellent

The first time in India, we develop and introduce an insecticide impregnated chalk to control the menace of cockroaches. Our product brand names like Krazylines & The Original Laxmanrekhaa have now become common household names.

Krazy Ratmaar, a rat killer poison is the bait base on grains impregnated with a rodenticide has been the most preferred, safe method invented so far. A Krazy Lines multi insect spray is an another, most convenient and sophisticated packaging in the form of spray. Our Sanitt, Toilet Seat Sanitizer is the India’s 1st and only portable, sanitizing spray.

We have a number other but equally innovative products in the pipeline. Watch out for these.

  • Krazy Ratmaar
    The safe method of bait base on grains impregnated with a rodenticide.
    Original Laxmanrekhaa
    First time in India for eradicating crawling household insects like cockroaches.
    Khatnil K20
    Khatnil K-20 is easy to use and an effective measures to get rid of the bed bugs menace.
    Krazylines Spray
    Krazy Lines Spray is the most convenient and sophisticated pack for India and abroad.
  • Sanitt Spray
    Sanitt Spray: India's first and only portable, toilet sanitizing spray from Midas Hygiene.
    Herbal Khatnil BT
    The best preservatives for the wood covering both pre and post construction.
    Herbal Khatnil
    It can be sprayed in and around areas infested with houseflies, mosquitoes, ants etc.
    New Krazy Lines Gold
    A new pack with an attractive look, with chalk is fixed on the push up screw device.
  • New Krazy Lines Plus
    First time in India for eradicating crawling household insects like cockroaches.
    Krazy Lines Gel
    Krazy Lines Gel is recommended for the control of American and German cockroaches.