The Original Laxmanrekhaa Chalk

Is Laxmanrekhaa effective against cockroaches?
Laxmanrekhaa is one of the most effective products to get rid of cockroaches. Used in many households, the Original Laxmanrekhaa Chalk, has helped households stay insect-free for decades.
How is the product used?
You can simply draw an ‘X’ on the floor. On surfaces like granite, marble or steel, place a paper on the surface and then mark the ‘X’.
Is Laxmanrekhaa chalk effective against all crawling insects?
Yes. Laxmanrekhaa chalk can kill most crawling insects if they cross the line you have drawn using the chalk. 
Can I use the Laxmanrekhaa chalk on surfaces like sinks, bathrooms etc.?
Laxmanrekhaa shows results as long as the chalk stays on the surface. In case of sink, bathrooms etc it's best to apply overnight and leave it undisturbed without washing away.
 Is Laxmanrekhaa safe for use around pets?
Laxmanrekhaa its non-toxic if they touch it. They should not eat the chalk.
What happens if someone consumes Laxmanrekhaa chalk?
The person needs to vomit if he has consumed large quantity of chalk. If one has just touched it to the mouth simply rinse with plain water multiple times. If the person feels nausea, fever etc. Kindly consult with Doctor.

Laxmanreakhaa Spray 300ml

Is Laxmanrekhaa spray effective for use against all insects?
Laxmanreakhaa spray is an effective product for use against all kinds of crawling and flying insects. Its Propoxur formula works efficiently and helps in eliminating all kinds of crawling and flying insects instantly.
How should I use Laxmanrekhaa spray?
1. For flying insects, spray directly in the air; 
2. For crawling insects, you can spray directly on them or spray in various areas where they    usually appear, use detachable nozzle to spray in hard to reach places like cracks, cervices inside kitchen drains etc. 
What are the safety precautions that I should use after using the product? 
Wash your hands with soap after application of the product. Avoid direct contact with mouth and eyes and do not ingest the product. Store it in a cool and dry place before you use it again.
Can Laxmanreakhaa spray harm pets? 
Do not spray directly on or near pets. 

Where can I use Laxmanrekhaa spray? 
Laxmanreakhaa spray can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It can be used in homes, offices, malls, restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and lounges etc.

Khatnil Advanced Formula 

Is Khatnil Advanced Formula effective against all insects? 
Yes, you can use Khatnil Advanced Formula for all crawling and flying insects like mosquitoes, flies, house flies, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, ants and any other insects you may find in your home.
How to attach the nozzle? 
i. Remove the spray pump from the bottle.
ii. Attach the given pipe with spray pump. Remove the plug and reattach the spray pump
iii. Rotate the Spray Pump nozzle to “Spray” mode for flying insects like mosquitoes and flies
iv. Rotate the Spray Pump nozzle to “Stream” mode for crawling insects like cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, spiders etc.
Is Khatnil Advanced Formula safe for use around pets? 
Do not spray directly on pets. While using the spray keep pets away. Also keep bottle out of reach once application is done.

Laxman Rekhaa Mouse & Rat Glue Traps

What is the use of Laxman Rekhaa mouse and rat glue traps?
Laxman Rekhaa mouse and rat glue trap is a strong adhesive with a peanut butter scent that I used for catching mice, rats, lizards and other crawling insects.
How does Laxman Rekhaa mouse and rat glue trap function?
When you place Laxman Rekhaa mouse and rat glue traps in the corners of your house, the mice, rats and other crawling and moving insects come in contact with the trap and get stuck on it. You can safely dispose the glue pad and throw it in the dustbin once your purpose is solved.
Is Laxman Rekhaa mouse and rat glue trap a safe product to use?
Yes, Laxman Rekhaa mouse and rat glue trap is absolutely environment-friendly, non-toxic and harmless to use.
What should I do if the glue is stuck somewhere or if I come in contact with it?
In case the glue is stuck somewhere, you can easily use vegetable oil to remove it from that surface or your body part. 
How many traps should I use to catch rats and other insects in the house or office?
You can place one or more Laxman Rekhaa mouse and rat glue traps in the various corners of the house or office to ensure that wherever the insects, lizards, rats or mice pass by, they come in touch with the trap and get stuck on it.


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