Midas Hygiene Industries started as an effort to provide people with a solution for pest problems at a time when pest management was an expensive, messy and time consuming process. A simple chalk at a price point of Rs 10, gave the home maker a relief from going through pest control days, where one had to leave the home for 2 days and wait for the harsh chemicals to do their job. Thus, the simplicity, easy and cost effective solution is what made our product Original Laxman Rekhaa household name since the last 3 decades.

As a company we intend to make life of a homemaker easy, we are sensitive and focused towards making life simpler, cleaner and better for families. We know one wants a safe, healthy, flourishing world for their kids; so do we!

It is our constant endeavour to improve our products, reduce our carbon footprint and add goodness to the world.

Our story started in 1984 with the inception of Midas Marketing House a proprietary firm and converted to a Pvt Ltd company in 1996  under the leadership of Shri Swadesh Kapoor ji. Today, we are One of India’s leading manufacturer of household products for cleaning, pest control and sanitation.

We acknowledge that home is not a place it is a feeling. And we would like to play a role in making life the best it can be.


To provide innovative products and services to enrich people’s lives.

  • Mutual respect
  • Ethical Business
  • Result Oriented
  • Improve constantly
  • Team Work

  • We value every individual and their contribution to the organisation
  • We treat each other with humility and respect

  • We believe in win-win strategy for all connected with Midas
  • We take pride in following statutory guidelines laid by law
  • We regard honesty above all other qualities possessed by our team and partners

  • We proactively take responsibilities
  • We are efficient in terms of cost & speed
  • We have courage to own up mistakes and correct them
  • We are persistent and we always complete what has been started


    • Always self-analyse and evolve
    • We continuously upgrade ourselves in ‘KASHSC’ (knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Habits, Strategies, Creativity)
    • K – Knowledge – of our eco system
    • A – Attitude – positive towards our vision
    • S – Skills – for our respective fields
    • H – Habits – inculcating transformative habits
    • S – Strategies – strategize to achieve goals/objective
    • C – Creativity – appreciate new ideas, strategies and processes

We all succeed together!

  • Celebrate the success of our eco system
  • Value diverse talent, initiative and leadership
  • Fill in gaps for fellow employees in time of need
  • Work together to be more effective and efficient
  • Inspire organisational pride and loyalty

Quality product at affordable prices


To be a 1200cr turnover company by the year 2030