7 Effective Tips to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

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Mosquitoes are annoying especially when they buzz around your head and nose. Apart from their annoying buzzing, they are hazardous to your health. Mosquitoes spread many types of infectious diseases like malaria, dengue, and Chikungunya virus infection which can be dangerous for human health. On rainy days, it becomes more important to check the standing water as mosquito breeding is highest in monsoon season.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), almost half of the world’s population is at risk of getting infected by dengue and malaria. As per the reports recorded in 2019, over 400 million people are infected with dengue infections and around 230 million cases of malaria. Chikungunya infection cases are also increased in past few years.

Thus, it is important to get rid of mosquitoes for an individual to maintain his/her health. One can buy mosquito repellent sprays from stores to kill mosquitoes. Midas Hygiene provides a wide range of products to choose from to eliminate mosquitoes such as Khatnil Advanced Formula, Krazy Lines Spray, etc which are all best at killing mosquitoes.

Apart from having a good product for preventing mosquitoes at home, an individual must keep these 7 things in mind to get effective results.

1.  Clear all the water sources at home

We all know that standing water is the best friend for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water and multiply. So, it is the first and most important thing to check and clear all the sources of water at home where mosquitoes may breed. This will help in reducing the frequency of mosquitoes’ multiplying and thus result in preventing mosquitoes.

2.  Clean and maintain open drains

Mostly, open drains have stagnant water in them which becomes a favorite place for mosquitoes to lay eggs there and multiply. So, if you want to eliminate mosquitoes from your home effectively then you need to clean the drains at home. Even a little amount of standing water is enough for the mosquitoes to breed. So, make sure it is clean and maintain the drainage system every week for preventing mosquitoes effectively

3.  Swimming pool maintenance

If you want to eliminate mosquitoes, then clean and maintain your swimming pool regularly. Again, stagnant water is the only need for mosquitoes to breed and multiply and swimming pools are a great source of stagnant water. Hence, it is necessary to clean it on regular basis.

4.  Water bodies in or around your house

After clearing all sources of water in your house, you need to look if there are any water bodies located near your house as they can also become a source for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. If any kind of water body is near your home make sure it is clean. You can treat the water with chemicals to get the best results. You can also add minnows, which are a type of fish that feed on mosquito larvae. It can further help in reducing mosquitoes

5.  Close all windows and doors in the evening

Mosquitoes are attracted to lights, especially bright lights. Thus, in the dark and night, they are prone to come inside the home as compared to day. So, it becomes necessary to close all the windows and doors from where mosquitoes can enter the home, specially in the evening when the sun starts to set. It is also a good practice to get rid of mosquitoes easily and effortlessly.

6.  Wear full clothes

Most importantly wear full sleeves clothes and full pants to avoid mosquitoes from biting you. Wearing full sleeves clothes limits the exposure of skin to mosquitoes which results in reducing the biting of mosquitoes.

7.  Use of the appropriate product

We all care about our loved ones, especially the children. They are more prone to being bitten by mosquitoes as they play outside. Thus, ensure that they are wearing full sleeves clothes outside the home.

Another tip recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to reduce mosquitoes is to use mosquito repellent cream but however according to medical experts, children under the age of two months should not use insect repellents creams. Furthermore, the best way to kill mosquitoes is to use a good mosquito repellent spray like Khatnil Advanced Formula and Krazy Lines Spray which show the result instantly.


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