Top 6 Products by Midas Hygiene to Eliminate Cockroaches from your Homes

Top 6 Anti Cockroach Products from Midas Hygiene

Somewhere in the house, we all are irritated by insects, especially cockroaches. Yes, they are one of the most annoying insects but also they are the main source of spreading many diseases. Cockroaches spread about 33 different bacteria, 7 human pathogens, and also 6 parasitic worms which are more than enough to make you and your family sick. Some of the common diseases spread by cockroaches are salmonellosis, typhoid fever, and dysentery. Furthermore, they shed their skin which dries up and gets converted into dust particles. These dust particles become an issue for people having allergies and other respiratory problems. So, it becomes important to deal with cockroaches at home and to know about the ways of cockroach killing at home.

If you want to deal with the annoying cockroaches at your home but don’t want to keep a can of insecticide ready all the time. Moreover, you want to deal with cockroaches effortlessly without making your home cockroach-killing ground. So, here is a list of the top 6 products from Midas Hygiene Ind Pvt Ltd which are best for cockroach killing without any effort.

1) Original LaxmanRekhaa Chalk

Laxmanrekhaa Cockroach Killer Chalk

The original LaxmanRekhaa Chalk is India’s first of its kind chalk which is used to eliminate cockroaches as well as ants. It is the most popular and among the bestseller products from Midas Hygiene. The packaging of this chalk ensures the safety and hygiene of the individual. The chalk is wrapped into a wrapper which helps in avoiding direct contact with the chalk.

The LaxmanRekhaa is extremely safe and easy to use yet an effective means to eliminate cockroaches from your home. You can use the chalk by drawing lines on the surfaces where cockroaches are more likely to find or cross the surfaces.

It is the number one product used for getting rid of cockroaches. The product is sold as a pack of 6 units and each unit costs Rs. 16.

2) LaxmanRekhaa Spray

Laxmanrekhaa Spray for Cockroaches

Another useful product on the list is LaxmanRekhaa Spray. While LaxmanRekhaa chalk is the first of its kind chalk and is a best seller, LaxmanRekhaa Spray does the same efficient job as cockroach killer spray. It contains Propoxur formulation which is extremely useful to kill cockroaches and other insects. The product is easy to use and extremely safe.

To use the product, just press the cap and the formulation will come out in spray form from the spray nozzle. This ensures no direct contact of the components with the human body. Furthermore, the nozzle is detachable which makes it more efficient to use the spray in cracks and corners where the insects are more likely to breed.

The LaxmanRekhaa Spray comes in a 200 ml pack which costs Rs 99.

3) Khatnil Advanced Formula

Buy Khatnil Advance Formula from Midas Hygiene

The next product on the list is Khatnil Advanced Formula. This product is the one-stop solution for all types of insects. It not only helps in getting rid of cockroaches but also all types of flying and crawling insects. Khatnil New advanced formula eliminates insects such as mosquitoes, house flies, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, ants, and various insects you may find in your home. It has an adjustable nozzle that can be used in spray mode for flying insects and stream mode for crawling insects.

To get the best results, spray Khatnil Advanced Formula once a week under the bed, near windows, and on other areas where insects usually appear. The product contains 100 percent liquid and 0 percent gas. It is a fast-acting product and leaves the room with a pleasant fragrance. The item comes in 4 different sizes which are 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, and 1 L.

Khatnil Advanced Formula (Pack of 2) 100 ml costs Rs 170.

4) Krazy Lines Spray

Best mosquito and cockroach spray

Krazy lines spray is another useful cockroach killer spray that is easy and safe to use. It contains Deltamethrin and Allethrin which enhances the formulation to eliminate the cockroaches and other insects which infest the homes.

The spray nozzle is used by pressing the cap which ensures no direct contact of the contents with the human body. This spray can be used for eliminating all types of insects including cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs, ants, and spiders.

The 200 ml Krazy Lines Spray costs Rs 99.

5) Krazy lines Fipronil Gel

Krazy lines Fipronil Gel is the first of its kind and premium cockroach killer gel used for killing cockroaches. It is an effective product for killing and controlling indoor cockroaches. Further, the effect of the Krazy line lasts for at least six weeks. It contains a special formulation that kills the cockroaches that consume this gel. Not only this, but it also kills the cockroaches which come in contact with the dead cockroaches.

The product is easy and safe to use. Just place the gel droplets at equal distances on the surfaces where insects are frequently found. Another amazing quality of the product is that it doesn’t have any odor and it doesn’t irritate the person while using the product. Also, you don’t need to cover the utensils while using the gel in the kitchen as it is extremely safe to use.

Krazy lines Fipronil Gel 20g (Pack of 2) costs Rs.120. One unit of Krazy lines Fipronil Gel 20g has a price of Rs 60.3

6) Krazylines Gold

New Krazy Lines Gold for killing cockroach

The last product that comes on the list is Krazylines Gold. The item is safe and extremely easy to use. The main key feature of the product is its packaging. The product comes in a rotary lipstick-type container which ensures there is no direct contact with the individual. The product helps in eradicating cockroaches as well as other insects that are found in the home.

The Krazylines Gold comes in a pack of 4 units which costs Rs. 108. One unit has a price of Rs 27.

All the products mentioned here are from Midas Hygiene and are extremely useful for eliminating cockroaches as well as other types of insects from your home easily and effortlessly. So, if you are facing problems because of the annoying cockroaches at your home then go through the above-mentioned products and make your life easier.


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