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After the rainy season the summer is here. Along, we also welcome the season of mosquitoes. It appears a bit darker because of a cloud of mosquitoes floating around, just to be irritating and annoying. People on the street will slap their limbs at random because of a mosquito. Leave anything uncovered and you are bound to attract a few mosquitoes to it.

Mosquito Repellent Spray

We need to stay safe and protect ourselves from mosquitoes as there is clear threat to our health. Mosquitoes are the carriers for many diseases. They are primary cause of Malaria and Dengue which are the sole cause of high infant mortality rates in India.

Krazy Lines is an aerosol mosquito repellent does a good job of keeping away unwanted mosquitoes. The mosquito spray form makes this liquid insecticide very useful and is the most convenient and sophisticated packing catering to Indian as well as international markets.

It is easily available in local kirana stores and general stores. It is also available in leading modern retail stores like Reliance Retail, Spencers and DMart. Online stores like Localbanya and Bigbasket also stock this product.


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