Portable Toilet Sanitizer

Toilet Sanitizer

When it comes to cleaning, the toilet is the room that can be overwhelming to clean. It’s a small room, but it gets dirty fast, especially if you have kids or are active outside. It can be quick to get through if you keep up on the light cleaning.

Dirty Toilet Seat

Diseases can be spread through users in public toilets. Many people are using the outdoor toilets daily and it is important to keep them hygienic and sanitary, especially in India where toilet hygiene is still at the back foot.

Dirty public toilets are caused by the negligence of people who use the toilets improperly. For example, not flushing the toilets and throwing used toilet paper on the ground. They do not treat the toilets with respect and think that since the public toilets are not their personal toilet they do not have the responsibility to keep it clean. Another reason is that the facilities of public toilets (e.g. hand soap, toilet flushes) are either not readily available or faulty, resulting in unhygienic conditions.

Toilet Seat Sanitizer

Sanitt Spray is the India’s first portable toilet sanitizer. Sanitt Spray comes in a 75ml handy pack which fits into your pocket or purse easily.

Many infections are caused due to use of unhygienic toilets; the common ones are Urinary Tract Infection, etc. So when you are faced with a situation of using outdoor toilets which are dirty and unhygienic, don’t forget to carry Sanitt Spray in your pocket or purse.

Toilet Sanitizes and Deodorizes

Sanitt Spray not only sanitizes a toilet but also deodorizes it. Turning any dirty, smelly toilet into a clean and fragrant comfort room. Sanitt Spray can sanitize toilets at home, railway station, bus station, restaurant, hotel, mall, multiplex or any unknown toilet at a friend’s house.

It has to be sprayed from a distance of 15cm on area to be disinfected like toilet seat. Besides the toilet seat, Sanitt Spray can sanitize frequently touched parts in public toilets, such as door knobs, flush handles, taps, mugs, etc. Once applied it will not only sanitize the area but also leave a pleasant fragrance behind which further eases use of toilet. It can also be applied to other surface in toilet like mugs and door knobs which pose a risk of infections.

Clean Toilets

So don’t forget to carry toilet sanitizer Sanitt Spray, for clean toilet seats on your next visit to a mall, theatre, while travelling in trains, flights, etc, where use of public toilets are common.


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