Krazylines Plus (Pack Of 5)

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MRP: 22/- Per Unit (Inclusive of all taxes) Total MRP : 5 Units X Rs. 22/- =  Rs. 110/- (Inclusive of all taxes) Krazy Lines Plus is India’s first, one-of-its-kind, premium insecticide chalk. Designed for combating cockroaches and ants. Krazy Lines Plus comes in a plastic safety container that houses the chalk whilst ensuring that there is no direct contact with the human body. New Krazy Lines Plus is extremely easy and safe to use. Sold As Pack Of 5. Instructions to use:
  • Push the chalk out of the container with the help of the slider and use it like a marker pen.
  • For best results, use the chalk to draw lines on the floor, in the corners, and cracks & crevices in the walls and in areas where cockroaches and ants commonly breed and multiply. The idea is to draw lines where cockroaches and ants are likely to cross.
  • On smooth surfaces such as kitchen sinks made out of stainless steel, you can place old newspapers on the smooth surfaces and use New Krazy Lines Plus to draw lines on the newspaper.
  • Do not forget to use New Krazy Lines Plus inside the cupboard, beds and living room furniture. Cockroaches and ants are known to hide and breed in these intricate places.
  • The effect of the lines drawn is long-lasting. After use, the lines can be easily wiped off with a wet cloth.


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