Laxman Rekhaa Mouse & Rat Glue Traps - Long Rat Pad (Pack of 2)

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MRP: 50/- Per Unit (Inclusive of all taxes) Total MRP : 2 Units X Rs. 50/- =  Rs. 100/- (Inclusive of all taxes)

Introducing the Laxman Rekhaa Mouse & Rat Glue Traps with a Long Rat Pad – the perfect way to catch pests like mice, rats, lizards, and other crawling bugs. These traps use adhesive on them which is really strong, so once pests step on it, they can’t escape. Plus, they smell like yummy peanut butter, which attracts pests even more!

You can use these traps easily and safely anywhere in your house, garden, or lawns. They open up vertically, kind of like a book, making them super simple to set up. And guess what? These traps are good for the environment too! They’re not harmful and don’t have any bad chemicals.

Please follow precaution while placing this traps. Don’t put these traps near your food, and keep them away from kids and pets. Also, be careful not to get the sticky glue on things you don’t want it on like hands, always wear gloves or apply vegetable oil on hand when placing traps. And for the best results, don’t put the traps in really sunny or hot places. If the glue gets stuck somewhere you don’t want it, you can use kerosene or vegetable oil to remove it.

So, if you want to get rid of pesky pests in a safe and easy way, these Laxman Rekhaa Glue Traps are a smart choice!

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