Laxmanrekhaa Liquid Vaporizer Refill

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Laxmanrekhaa Liquid Vaporizer Refill is an effective mosquito repellent liquid is extremely effective, giving you 100% protection from mosquitoes in house. Made to fit all mosquito repellent dispenser machines available in market, it can be used at any stage of your routine as a first aid treatment for dengue fever as well.
  • Laxmanrekhaa Liquid Vaporizer Refill that is easy and safe to use
  • The potent formulation consisting of transfluthnn and butylated hydropxytollune forces all mosquitoes to escapes.
Instructions to use:
  • Take off the top and fit liquid vaporizer bottle into dispenser machine that was made especially for it.
  • Connect to the power supply and turn on the switch.
  • Always position the gadget such that the vapours cannot leave the room and stay effective in room.
  • For best effects, close the windows and doors for the first 30 minutes.
  • Before using, please read the product’s attached brochure.
Precautions: Keep away from children. Avoid making eye and skin-damaged contact with liquid. If a product gets in your eyes, flush them out right away with water. After use, wash your hands. If swallowed, do not make the patient throw up; instead, seek medical attention right away and present the container or label.

4 reviews for Laxmanrekhaa Liquid Vaporizer Refill

  1. Suman

    Good product.. Fits any machine…

  2. Aniket Ranjan

    Good and genuine product from Laxmanrekhaa brand… really effective

  3. Anshuman Singh

    As normally as liquid vaporizer refill but at a good price as compared to other mosquito repellent products available in the market..

  4. Ayesha Mehta

    Effective. Value for money

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